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As a leading manufacturer of Self-lubricating bearings, we are devoted to researching and producing new Self-lubricating bearing materials,plastic bearings,plastic linear bearings,plastic bushings. We have successfully developed various bearing materials with many different standard bearing sizes, including Metal-polymer Composite materials, Metallic Based Self-lubricating materials, Plastic compound materials and Filament wound composite materials. This website mainly introduces the technical characteristics and the applications of Plastic plain bearings, Plastic Linear bearings, Plastic Spherical Bearings,Filament wound bearings that are produced by CSB subsidiary company Jiashan Changsheng Engineering Plastic Bearing Co., Ltd. The issued standard series of materials and the products are suitable for most applications. We concentrate on the special material developing and new application promotion of the bearings. The self-lubricating modification technology research of high polymers makes CSB the market leader in Non-metal sliding bearing field.
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